Cold Brew Guide


Cold Brew

Making cold brew coffee at home is easy, and doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment.


French Press, Coarse grind coffee, Room temperature water (Filtered is best), Coffee: Water ratio 1:4 – 1:5 (this example uses 90g/nearly 1 cup coffee to 887ml/3 ¾ cups water). Sealable container. Fine filter e.g. cheese cloth or paper filter (optional).

1. Measure out your ground coffee (using coffee: water ratio of 1:4 - 1.5, depending on how strong you like it). We’re using 90g of coffee. Pour your grounds into a clean dry plunger.

2. Fill your plunger with water using coffee: water ratio of 1:4 - 1.5. We’re using 3 ¾ cups (887 ml) of filtered water. Pour in a slow, circular motion — but don’t stir, instead, use the back of a spoon to press down any grounds floating near the top, ensuring all grounds have been submerged.

3. Let your brew sit at room temperature for no less than 12 hours.

4. After minimum of 12 hours brewing, your brew is ready to decant. Put the plunger top on and push the plunger down a few inches (don’t push it right down or the grounds will be agitated causing them to release bitter-tasting solubles). With the plunger screen in place pour your brew into the large, sealable container e.g. a mason jar.

Note: if you want a ‘cleaner’ brew you can remove more sediment by pouring the brew through a secondary filter e.g. cheese cloth or filter paper.

5. When you’re ready to enjoy a cup (or two), dilute your brewed concentrate with a few ice cubes and a splash (or two) of water.

6. Enjoy with or without milk!



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