2 TEA + 3 Grounded Coffee+ Joy Cup

2 TEA + 3 Grounded Coffee+ Joy Cup

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1 Black Tea+ 1 Green Tea+ 1 KickStarter+1 #Time2Shine+1 GoodVibes*+1 Joycup

About Grounded Responsible Coffee:

Grounded Responsible Coffee tastes great and takes responsibility to the next level.  All Grounded coffee is certified 100% Organic, Fairtrade and Climate Neutral.  Grounded also carries a BUY ONE, PLANT ONE commitment – a tree is planted for every pack purchased.  And to keep waste out of landfill, after enjoying your Grounded coffee you can return the packaging to us free of charge, and our partners TerraCycle will ensure it gets a second life as a useful item like playground equipment or park benches. Visit Return & Recycle packaging programme to learn more.   

You can select from

  • Plunger Grounded (The coffee plunger, also known as a French press or cafetière, hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1929. Well-engineered design and ease of use mean it is one of the most popular ways to brew coffee.This Grind is also perfect for homemade cold brew. )

  • Whole Beans (If you have a grinder at home and know how you like your coffee brewed, Grounded whole beans range is the perfect choice.)

  • Espresso Grind (perfect for those can’t live without their Moka pot or Espresso machine. *For this option you will get 1 KickStarter+2 #Time2Shine)

About Scarborough Fair:

Certified Organic and Fairtrade, Scarborough Fair Green Tea is made from the tender shoot of the best tea bushes.  Calmness in a cup with crisp and delicate flavours that mingle together perfectly for a mild, soothing organic tea that suits any mood or time of day. 

Certified Fairtrade, Scarborough Pure Ceylon Tea is made from premium Pure Ceylon tea. Simply brilliant, welcoming and refreshing, this tea has the signature aroma and taste that can only be from one of Ceylon’s finest regions.

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