4 Grounded Espresso Coffee

4 Grounded Espresso Coffee

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Grounded coffee is certified 100% Organic, Fairtrade and Climate Neutral.  Grounded also carries a BUY ONE, PLANT ONE commitment – a tree is planted for every pack purchased.  

And to keep waste out of landfill, after enjoying your Grounded coffee you can return the packaging to us free of charge, and our partners TerraCycle will ensure it gets a second life as a useful item like playground equipment or park benches. Visit Return & Recycle packaging programme to learn more.   

Grounded Espresso Grind is perfect for those can’t live without their Moka pot or Espresso machine. 
Our blends: 

  • Kickstarter blend – A rich dark coffee with hints of chocolate. Roasted to bring out the best of its three origins; Mexico, Colombia and Papua New Guinea, resulting in notes of walnut, hints of citrus, and a buttery smooth finish. Delicious black or white.  

  • #time2shine blend – a rich, sweet, well- balanced coffee, delicious black or white. Precision roasted to deliver a delicate spicy aroma, smooth chocolate and hazelnut notes, and hints of black cherry, plum and red currant to finish.   


  • 2 KickStarter+ 2 #Time2Shine

  • 4 KickStarter

  • 4 #Time2Shine


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