3 Blended Freeze Dried Coffee

3 Blended Freeze Dried Coffee

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If you love the convenience of a high quality, freeze dried coffee, then our Blended brand of freeze-dried coffee is for you. Blended is expertly roasted, brewed and freeze-dried. 

It comes in two different flavours – Daymaker which is rich and full-bodied, or Earlybird which is a flavourful and vibrant 100% Arabica. Both of these are packed in resealable, home compostable packs. The bags (including the zipper) can be disposed of in a home or industrial composting environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms.  Blended also carries a BUY ONE, PLANT ONE commitment – a tree is planted for every pack purchased. 

Our Blends: 

  • Blended Coffee Daymaker is rich, smooth and well-balanced. It has a cedar wood aroma with notes of walnut, vanilla and subtle citrus notes finishing in sweet cocoa.  

  • Earlybird is flavourful and vibrant. Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, it has a milk chocolate-like aroma with lively citrus and dark cherry flavour notes. 

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