Get Kickstarter and #Time2Shine Whole Beans 200g

Get Kickstarter and #Time2Shine Whole Beans 200g

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Want to try both our Kickstarter and #Time2Shine and enjoy multi-buy discount at the same time?

Of course!

KickStarter  – A rich dark chocolate coffee. Roasted to bring out the best of its three origins; Mexico, Colombia and Papua New Guinea, resulting in notes of walnut, hints of citrus, and a buttery smooth finish. Delicious black or white.

It’s #time2shine – a rich, sweet, balanced coffee, delicious black or white. Precision roasted to deliver a delicate spicy aroma, smooth chocolate and hazelnut notes with hints of black cherry, plum and redcurrant to finish.  

Sustainability: Buy One, Plant One, Organic, Fairtrade, Climate Neutral, Return & Recycle packaging programme.



100% Coffee beans

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